Tuscan dreaming

After months of planning I finally make the move to Italy. I fly over with some nerves but overcome with excitement. The three hour flight goes quick and then I experience my favourite part of flying – taking that step from the plane onto Italian soil. The heat hits me like a wall and I can’t contain my smile. Pisa airport is small so I pass through security almost immediately. The conveyor belt starts and I take a seat, since the plane was full I know it will take a while. I pull out my small makeup bag and start applying some mascara and eyeliner sure it will be sweated off in moments. My blue bag appeared and I make my way through the people standing there. I’m staying for months so it’s heavy when I pick it up, slightly unsure how it wasn’t over the weight limit. With my roller suitcase behind me I emerge into arrivals to see my cousin there. We walk out into the warmth and for a second I am incredulously happy. The next few days are filled with eating, waking, speaking, and house hunting.


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