Day Twelve – Pets

It was pitch black outside only guided by the glow of snail slime left behind. My first birth and I was hyper. It was well past midnight but adrenaline stopped me from sleeping. Flashlights and tractors and giddiness. Within moments she was on her feet and running around. My eyes were focused on her through the dark as she ran with her mother and interacted with her. The first feel of her was like nothing else I had felt. It was softer than velvet, almost buttery, silky but velvet. Her coat was slick from birth. I tapped her hooves and petted her ears and ran my hand over her tail just like the magazine told me. Get her used to me as soon as possible. Ever since that night, I got a hug from her only when she wasn’t mad at me. She would walk up to me and put her head behind my back to pin me to her chest. When she was mad at me, she would walk away from me when I would walk up to her. She was multi-dimensional. Beyond a pet, like a gift from the Universe. The day they got rid of her, my heart broke. I can say with entire truth, I think about Cassie every day.

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