Take your time

A lesson I am apparently constantly learning is take your time.

Everyone on this plane and beyond is telling me to take my time. So, I have given in. After months of forcing things to happen and pushing myself, I am officially taking my time. I am unemployed at the moment but I know a job is around the corner. Before this week, I was forcing my CV down every Indeed job vacancy that appeared. I just wanted a job and I wanted it now. I wanted to move forward and I wanted to be busy. This week, after a tin-foil/metal hanger-hat kinda day, I realised I am pushing everything too much. I am pushing the universe too much to bring me what I want, I am pushing me too much to fit societal ideals, and I am pushing my growth too much. I want to be the best version of me and, although I do love learning and expanding my mind, I need to just take my time.

People have been saying this for a while and I truly feel since backing down slightly, my job prospects are stronger than ever.

“So, Lisa, how are you taking your time?”, I hear you ask, well gather around and let me tell you.

I am actually enjoying myself and (shock-horror) balancing my work day. I sleep until 8:30 and eat my breakfast while watching videos, I settle into work and do my daily tasks like applying for jobs, completing the Illustrator course I am enrolled in, working on editing my novel until 6pm and then I do whatever I feel like doing. The difference is I am now taking breaks and throwing in some fun in between work.

So, I bought myself a pasta machine (bet you didn’t see that one coming!). I love it. It is mind-numbing and not in a negative way but, I can’t concentrate on whatever is cycling around my mind, I can only focus on my hand cramping from kneading for fifteen minutes or how I am going to get eggshell out of a well of flour. It is wonderful, everyone should go to TK Maxx and get a pasta machine.

Take time for yourself and allow yourself to just be. (check out the pasta pics below!)



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