30 days

The Christmas countdown is on. Thirty days and it is Christmas day. Firstly, this year has flown by. Every time I think how quickly it has gone I can’t believe it is over in a few weeks. I will do a reflection on my 2017 later on in December (I bet you are waiting with baited breath!) but until then I wanted to talk about doing something every day leading up until Christmas.


  • Finish NaNoWriMo (I am so nearly done)
  • Bake cinnamon buns again (I made this week and they were so delicious that they weren’t around long enough for a photo
  • Post on Instagram every day
  • Post a blog post once a week
  • Take more photos and videos to remember this Christmas
  • Meet up with friends
  • Start the new Instagram series where I illustrate all my favourite women (the first one is up – Anna Gardner or The Anna Edit
  • Go to the gym three times a week (please, Lisa, please!!)
  • Stop watching 90 Day Fiance and do something productive (like going to the gym)
  • Bake Christmas cookies
  • Wrap presents
  • Watch The Grinch, Love Actually, Elf, Nativity, Sound of Music, Christmas with the Kranks
  • Send Christmas cards to my friends
  • Group together books I want to read over Christmas
  • Make a great vegan hot chocolate
  • Decorate the house for Christmas
  • Find an ideal Christmas pyjamas
  • Attend the local Christmas markets
  • Find the perfect Christmas table decor
  • Find a Christmas duvet set of reasonable price (priorities, eh?)
  • Finish Christmas shopping (only two more to get!)
  • Curate a Christmas playlist + listen to it all the time
  • Eat healthily but enjoy Christmas food
  • Be mindful and grateful
  • Edit manuscript
  • Spend time with family
  • Curate magazine ‘Into the nebula
  • Go visit another Christmas market (maybe Limerick?)
  • Have a movie + food night
  • Be charitable

What are your plans for Christmas?


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