I am looking for female writers, poets, photographers, illustrators, artists, embroiderers, anyone creative to create content for issue_one. Into the nebula is a new digital magazine that is filled with inspiration. It is a collabrative collective of creativity. If you are a creator please email me at lisatearknee@gmail.com and send in examples of a work, your insta or a blog/website. If weโ€™re on the same wave length I will email you a brief for issue_one. Thank you!!

What is Into the nebula?

Into the nebula is a new digital magazine created by me in the hope of showcasing the stunning creativity that is found online. I hope to fill the mag with photography, writing, poetry, drawings, illustrations – digital and physical, embroidery, and anything else creative that I can fit on a digital page all under a theme. It is a biannual magazine – once in winter and once in summer.

Is there criteria for submitting?

There are a few things; you must be over 18. You can be from anywhere. It must be high quality – scanned or photographed well (good lighting, composition, clear image) when sending the final product but, please don’t submit work specifically to be printed in the mag without me sending you an email first in relation to if you are suited or not (I don’t want to waste your time!). Once accepted, I will send you the brief for the issue and then go from there. As this is only issue one we cannot afford monetary payment but your name/social media/blog will be printed along with a small bio. Also, I will print out a physical copy for you to have if you want!

Phew, okay – anything else?

Just a thank you for even considering being part of Into the nebula. It is amazing that this project is taking flight. I have seen the potential of so many female bloggers/artists/writers etc and I have always wanted to compile them all together in a mag. I am excited to work with you!

– Lisa

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