elvisElvis makes me feel like I am dreaming, like I have mastered lucid dreaming. He makes me see the whole live band playing to his left but they are in my kitchen. The hazy clouds fold in and I am sitting centre watching all this develop. He makes me feel like anything is possible if you think about it enough. He makes the world seem upright when it is most definitely upside down. He makes me believe that my soulmate is just around the corner if I just took the long way home. He sings away the pain all while doubling it. The background music allows me to think I have synesthesia for the length of the song. The colours swirl around me in black and white but I know if I was there in person they would be in technicolor. I feel every emotion possible and inevitably burst at the chorus telling me to some things are meant to be. The soft clop behind the band keeps time and I have to sit on my hands to stop myself from clapping along. He makes me want to be able to jive or do anything that isn’t just sitting in front of my laptop; entirely passive. The playlist ends and the band and Elvis fade. I get a rude awakening back to reality when colours are normal and sound is basic.

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