Paper Me – part two

Nearly two years ago I introduced myself to this blog as paper me. I told you a bit about me and what I looked like. This is part two. 

I am nearly 26, I am a Gemini and I am creative. I suffer from an invisible illness (which I’ll write about soon). I love music, art and cooking/food in general. I started this blog to document my thoughts and creativity. I want to create content everyday, not just on this blog. I am a third way through writing a novel for young adults. I will have the first draft done by the first week of June. I love to write, especially creatively.  I stated at the start of this blog I wanted to work in the magazine industry but I really want to be an author. I have for so long but ignored it because I thought it wasn’t viable. I’ve flipped that and I am now going for it. You’ll never know until you try!

I am learning Italian with the hope to be fluent in the future but I’ve a while to go yet! If you want to talk about the weather or my likes/dislikes in Italian then I’m your girl. 

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