Last year I spoke about making New Year resolutions in a simplified form; ignoring the traditional and looking to the contemporary. This year I’m stuck in some middle ground of wanting to make NY resolutions but with a mix of traditional and not so much.

For far too long I have done everything I was told to do – don’t wear that, go to college, get a job, don’t stay at home, get on with your life. I have done everything anyone has asked of me regardless of what I wanted. This year I am attempting to take back my life. If I want to do something I will do it and I have a few things in mind at the moment. I find it so easy (and at the same time extremely tiring) to be a people pleaser. A couple of months ago I got a stern talking to by someone about how I needed to work and if not, I needed to be volunteering in the very least. According to them I was practically wasting my life away and when the time would come for an employer they would glance at my CV and instantly reject me because I was sick for a year. As you can imagine that comment swam around in my mind for months. Then one day it clicked; just because that is how they lived their life didn’t mean that was how I was going to live mine. I started to think about all the times I have done something because I was told I *should* do it. I’m over it.

This year I want to go places, I want to drink and eat, I want to learn, and I want to live/do what I want to live/do. This is a mighty task for me. I am completely unable to go against the grain but I will do my best.


I will save as much as I can for future events. I don’t need excessive money (nor do I have it) since I am living at home. I am going to try and save as much as possible. I have large plans for the end of 2017 and will need every penny. So, essentially, saving for a rainy day is my first resolution.


I have wanted to learn Italian for the longest time but I never did. After going to Italy last summer my obsession grew and now I am determined. I am currently watching Italian movies with English subtitles (I have been watching Il Viaggio today) and I am trying to learn one thing a day e.g. today was the alphabet and next will be numbers. Then I’ll go from there.


Learn to say yes to situations that I know I would enjoy. Like I said I have large plans for the end of this year and that is keeping me motivated. I have never had a plan in place, something that I have truly wanted to do for years and I finally feel like I am ready. The first year I want to actually put a plan into motion rather than just talk about it.


I have been sick for four years and it was under control for two of those. This year has tested me, being at home for the past year, so I want to take this year to heal my physical health and mental health. I want to also heal myself out my body. I want to heal my relationship with food and exercise – to enjoy it without being focused on weight and to learn not to emotionally eat when I’m sad. 

I’m am filled with hope for the coming year and I just hope my motivation lasts. I deliberately chose nothing too severe so I have a good shot at each resolution.

What are your resolutions? Do you find New Years is the same as any other day or do you wait for the renewal it brings?

5 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. I’m not one for resolutions, but this year I decided to go with one. I decided that I will remove anyone and or anything that causes me to stray from my growth mentally and emotionally and I will continue to censor what and who I let into my personal space.

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    1. Love that, Chloé! I am so impressed by your blog btw, really looking forward to your future posts. You speak from a place of such insight I can’t believe you are so young (hope that doesn’t come across as condescending, I don’t mean it to be!). I’m always looking for blogs like yours, so glad I found it! Do you have any other blog recommendations by any chance? I’m trying to expand the list of blogs I frequent!

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      1. Thank you so much Lisa! I’m so flattered, it’s definitely not condescending at all! Thank you, it means a lot. I need some suggestions myself, I believe the blog : is quite similar to my blog, it’s written by a young Jamaican woman like myself so you will see some words from our dialect/language so, just a heads up! But I find it really entertaining so I’m sharing it will you! I love your posts and I’m absolutely subscribing!

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