Betty Suarez, my spirit animal

I am sick at the moment and not the ill that goes away in a couple of days, it will take a few weeks (that sounds dramatic, it’s nothing serious). Since I am ill I could only watch TV and did so for a ridiculous amount of hours. My show of choice was Ugly Betty. I remember watching this back in the late 2000’s but I didn’t remember much of it. I started season one and I was instantly teleported back to 2007 and my fascination with Betty Suarez started all over again. She was leading her way through the publishing industry, desperate to show she’s determined although she faces a lot more dramatics than the average person. I was so drawn to her because she was in the fashion industry and was utterly clueless but her drive and optimism got her through it.

My favourite scene of the whole show is when she walks into the foyer of Mode for the first time with a Guadalajara poncho, red braces, glasses, frizzy hair, and sheer delight she was there. Every moment she lived in after that I was fascinated with because she chose all the options I would have (but with a lot more men involved…how did she do it?!). Every time she skipped something to help her family, going the extra mile for someone, being a bit of a pushover, I was there with her. It was the life I wanted minus the dramatics of working for the Meades and Wilhelmina.

She was in the middle of it all, she lived every moment in Mode, offering to help at every chance she got. She made me want to strive for more. She exuded enthusiasm and when she moved to Manhattan and got her own apartment I was floating. She was living my dream, a dream that I couldn’t reach at this moment but I just need to remember Betty wouldn’t give up so easy. When the time comes I’ll put on my (very) metaphorical poncho and get what I want.

“Remember you are an attractive, intelligent, confident businesswoman”.


Image created by me

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