Digital Detox – 5 day battle plan

It is 6am in Ireland as I am writing this and I have been awake for the past two hours. My mind is in need of substance but I commend anything that can hold my attention for long enough. I have been binge watching Estée Lalonde lately, especially her vlogs. There is something so comforting about her, she is definitely in the dream friend group. The reason I am writing this post is because she made a video about a digital detox and I think I need that. It won’t be this week as I am currently revamping my portfolio for an upcoming interview but I will do it!

It makes me anxious to think of forgetting about my phone, laptop, all digital devices. What am I going to listen to? What am I going to watch? Does my Kindle count? For some reason I think the experience will be almost spiritual, that I will be renewed and reawakened after it. Most likely I will be like a zombie when I have at least 4 hours of catching up. Since my last post was on resolutions I would like to check my phone less, only when it beeps (which isn’t often). I wish I had the strength to delete some social media because my current list is very long, everything short of vine.

I am going to approach this digital detox in various part;

Day one: Cleanse my social medias – start tidying up subsricptions, followers/followings, friends, notes, likes, DMs, and everything in between.

Day two: Clean up my emails – Yes, emails. I have various email addresses a family/friends one, blog one, college one, a random one that I don’t know the password to but I still get emails from and even more after that. Unnecessary. I need to delete, archive, clean up in general. With my personal one I have had since 2006 and that means a ridiculous amount of emails! Oh! and add email addresses to my contacts phone numbers.

Day three – Tidy up my hard drive. This is no easy task! I am currently reclaiming an old hard rive that is broken so it means a lot of data. I want to delete pictures that don’t matter and properly label files. It will be a horrendous experience because when I render drawings I label files like ‘Project3 A4’, ‘Project3 A4 Draft1′ Project3 Final draft1’ and at this moment I am not sure what one is the true final article and what is a draft.

Day Four – Consider deleting Facebook forever. This is tough for me because I have been on it since 2009. There are a lot of photos and it is a great way to connect with people and find out whats on. On the other hand there are some pretty horrific things on my newsfeed that I don’t understand how they get there whether it is videos/picture that I really don’t want to see to horrible comments under news articles that make me question humanity. I will download all information I want to remember and after I think I will delete it. Maybe.

Day Five – No technology, not even the toaster (well…maybe the toaster, definitely the kettle!). I am completely addicted to my phone and social media. I really don’t post often on social media with the last post I made on Facebook being well over a year. I just love catching up and I love keeping in touch with people. I have Facebook friends that I met through travel, long lost relationships, and even events like Femfest that I recently attended. I will wake up to a watch beside my bed, I will read, I will listen to music, I will talk to my housemate (and potentially myself). I hope I feel relieved after it, that I can in fact leave the house without my phone and I will be okay (dramatic, I know!). I will give you an update as I go ahead with this digital detox. Before I say “you should try and do one too” let me see if I survive first. If this is my last post you will know I died of a mixture of separation anxiety, boredom, and potentially an ailment that crops up which I can’t google it in time to save me.

4 thoughts on “Digital Detox – 5 day battle plan

    1. I know! I would like to do it just to prove to myself I won’t die…but I have an interview tomorrow with the potential of starting a new job and it will be internet/computer based so not the ideal time to stop using all the digital aspects of my life! Make sure and let me know how you get on if you do it, I’d love to hear!

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