As a quick intermission from FMOO I want to discuss Christmas traditions, and be forewarned this ‘post’ (if you can call it that) is a lot of lists that aren’t bullet pointed. Forgive me.

We started family traditions from my first Christmas, some we left to fade and others we still have to this day. Every year we decorate the Christmas tree together and then one by one they drop off until it is probably my aunt decorating it while everyone is offering their opinions at her. A family friend comes to put up the lights around the house every year but one year he just left them up which leaves the scramble to find the adapter (it is usually behind the dryer for no apparent reason). Opening one present on Christmas Eve and my mother insisting we open them all now because she won’t be up for it in the morning. I am usually the first one up on Christmas Day, even at 24 I will probably still be. Every year when we were younger I would go into my little brother’s room, shake him and say “Santa’s been!” like a young British child would say in a cheerful Christmas movie (something I said as if I was being filmed on Christmas morning).

Traditions are so strange and one moment can start a lifetime habit. This year I aim to start a new tradition and that is have the most aggressively Christmas-cheer day I could possibly have. I want to cram in baking in Christmas pyjamas, setting my alarm to Destiny’s Child’s 8 Days of Christmas, watch as many Christmas movies as possible, decorate a Christmas tree (if I had one), have a hot chocolate with marshmallows (only big dreams here), want to taste eggnog, look up the recipe for eggnog, exclaim “it actually has eggs in it?!?”, make another hot chocolate instead, decide to make a gingerbread house, mix all ingredients but the flour, realise I don’t have flour, not bothered to get flour, try to bake the goop anyway, doesn’t believe that it doesn’t work without flour, wrap the presents I bought, retire to the TV after a long day of nearly baking, fall asleep, wake to the sound of the sound of gunshots and the deep voice “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal”, fall back asleep, wake up at 11pm and get annoyed that I fell asleep on the couch, go to bed. This is all I want for one day, is this too much to ask for universe?


(As you can see this is me trying to break a writing fog, thank you for bearing with me)

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