Finding my own opinion

I started this blog with the promise of an eclectic collection of writing and only writing about topics that interest me. At the moment I have become fascinated with feminism and women in the world alas, I am starting an ongoing feature that revolves around women. This is something that I have been mulling over for quite some time but actually putting the idea into cyber space is exciting. It will not be a preaching series, I will purely document my process through researching related topics and speaking to women.

This feature will start with the woman I know the best, me. From there I will discuss different topics that relate to women’s issues and interest, and I aim to interview or just speak to different women. At the end I hope to be able to form my own opinion that is founded on research and experience. It will be a bit more clear to both you and me once I start posting. I hope you enjoy reading these posts!

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