Everybody’s always talking at me, everybody’s trying to get in my head

Why is it that some music is considered embarrassing? Are we all focused on being cool 24/7 that we can’t embrace our undying obsession with Sugababes (just me? Okay…). I have one distinct memory where I was walking into Dundrum Shopping Centre and outside volunteers were collecting money so like most people I stopped to put in money. At the time I was listening to shuffle on my old iPod classic. Let me just explain my iTunes is not, has never been, or never will be cool. I think I am the only person who enjoys my iPod on shuffle as it varies from rap to R&B to pop to Irish comprehension lessons (always learning!). Yet, here I am outside Dundrum, giving money to charity and the volunteer asks me what am I listening to? This is a completely valid and normal question, I have earphones in which must be plugged into something that emits sound. I could have been listening to  The Beatles, Guns’n’Roses, Drake, No Doubt numerous ‘cool’ musicians yet I was listening to the High School Musical 2 soundtrack. I absolutely froze and like whenever I need more time I ask the person to repeat the question so I can formulate an answer. “I was wondering what you’re listening to?”. To which I replied, “Nothing, it’s paused.”.

Let me ask you what is worse, that I was listening to music he probably didn’t like (also everyone else in the world other than me and my best friend) or saying I was walking around with earphones in and an iPod plugged in but said iPod was paused. Not turned off, not out of battery…paused. I probably would have given him all my money past, present, and future just to evaporate. He looked at me and then looked at my iPod which I then took to run.

I have decided no longer shall I shame myself for not constantly listening to ‘cool’ musicians. When I get the question what music do you listen to, to which I usually reply “well, it varies but my favourite band is Guns’n’Roses” to “well, it varies but my favourite band is Guns’n’Roses and I occasionally listen to HSM2. No, not the first one, the second one. Yes, the Disney movie about a musical high school.” Until then I will continue to binge on Sugababes (which if you have been around here long enough, I’ve mentioned a few times), and don’t tell me it’s a guilty pleasure because there is nothing to be guilty about! (Except maybe HSM2, I probably should feel guilty for that…)

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