A wimp’s guide to Halloween movies

I love Halloween but only of lately. When I was younger I was terrified of getting scared, I didn’t like to dress up and I particularly didn’t like masked and hooded people calling to my house. Now, in my twenties, I still don’t like being scared, and I still don’t like masked people calling to my house but I will answer the door now. My Halloween is a very watered down version of Halloween although my costume is usually spook invoking. I plan Halloween treats via Pinterest and I most definitely do notย watch horror movies! Instead I have compiled a list of movies that I will be watching in glee rather than hiding behind the couch.

First up is the classic Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. I feel it is important to start with this as it is the pinacle of all Halloween movies and I would even go as far as saying even those horror lovers can’t say no to Hocus Pocus (v generalised statement but maybe!).

Halloweentown, the Disney classic makes me think of Halloween instantly! It has been a movie I have watched for the longest time and one that never seems to tire me (as a matter of fact, I am watching it now!). Although Marnie is incredibly annoying you can’t deny it’s a great movie around this time of year!

The next two films are also childhood favourites though I definitely prefer one over the other; The Addams Family and Casper. Casper was always a strong contender for favourite Halloween movie. I have visions of me watching it when I was a child and enjoy it even to this day. Although I will always choose the previous two, you can’t deny Casper is great! The Addams Family I was always intrigued by. I was fascinated by Wednesday and Morticia but I think Cousin Itt terrified me and to this day I have never watched the movie from start to finish…Maybe this Halloween!

The next two are ones that I have recently found that I only watched within the last two years and loved, they are Dark Shadows, and Beetlejuice (can you sense a connection?). I will watch anything with Helena Bonham Carter in it so Dark Shadows was just one in a long list! I love this film from the sets to the costume, and the CGI. It is so enjoyable but you are aware it is a ‘Halloween/autumnal/dark” film from the first few scenes. I only watched Beetlejuice within the last two years and I loved it straight away.

I have left it late to start watching all these but I sure will try! My itinery for tomorrow is;

-Wake up, study…

-Dark Shadows



-Study some more

-Hocus Pocus/Halloweentown (I’ve seen both this week already)

-Try and fit in Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas (I’ve never seen either!)

-Binge on sweets throughout the day, especially when studying…


I am most definitely looking forward to tomorrow I might even bake a cake if I keep looking on Pinterest…we’ll see! There is something comforting about Halloween, you’ve done it since you were old enough to walk (and young enough to be forced into a costume – I was a cow for the majority of my childhood). I love carrying on tradition but adapting it to your age. So tomorrow will be very busy binging on sweets, movies,ย and lots of Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Happy Halloween ๐ŸŽƒ!

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