Making myself feel better

There are two Lush stores in Dublin; one off Grafton Street and one on Henry Street. I always end up at the Grafton Street one purely because of logistics. I have become a Lush fanatic though I will admit I was borderline obsessed last year and have since calmed down (slightly). I don’t understand Lush’s hold it has on me. I always shrugged off bath related Christmas gifts (brat) and growing up I wasn’t the least bit interested in bath bombs/salts/soaks/gels. Yet, here I am in a constant state of watching Lush hauls and mentally noting what I want next purely on the near impossible task of describing a scent of a bath bomb (I don’t blame the Youtuber, I purely blame me!). I look forward to being inundated with scents and being practically ‘harassed’ by the uber enthusiastic staff but I love it all! How can bath bombs bring me such joy? My ultimate favourite has to be Lord of Misrule and I have just checked and it’s back! This news makes me very excited and at this moment I realise I am just growing up. Similar to the way I get excited for succulents in concrete containers, I am excited for seasonal bath bombs. (just looked at the site again for Yog Nog soap and I just saw they made it into a bath bomb, I think I’m going to faint due to overexcitement.)

A while back I had a very long day and stopped into Lush with around €10 to spend and I came out with the following three Lush products. (Please note this is not a review but more of an excited exclamation).




First is a personal favourite and that is the Blackberry Bath Bomb. It leaves the water a beautiful violet shade with a Frankincense and Bergamot scent. Yes, I did look up what oils were used but I can promise it is delicious!

The next two are new products for me. Firstly was Milky Bath, a deliciously smooth bubble bar. It left my skin smooth and my bath bubbly. Pumice Power is the final product, a ‘foot soap’. I found it worked very well and left my feet smooth. After two uses it has plenty left!




Bath time is something I really look forward to and the addition of Lush really enhances it! I realise every single person with a blog writes about Lush and I struggled with “Should I bother writing about this?”, “Would anyone even care?”, ” How could I make it different to everyone else?” I realised this blog is about things I enjoy and I really enjoy Lush. So apologies that you have to endure another Lush post but Im afraid there will be even more in the future (forewarned!) until my love/obsession for Lush fades away…



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