Tips on Procrasti…Oh Tumblr

I have been trying to write all day, no, all week. I cannot seem to stop myself procrastinating. Let me walk you through what just happened;

  • open wordpress/start new post
  • new tab/Tumblr
  • search sober tag (mistake btw)
  • saw a gif from a YouTube video that I recognised  but can’t remember from where
  • Google image said gif of the girl in a pink dress
  • YouTube girl song pink dress (another mistake)
  • remember Hot Girl Problems (the song, not the problems that plague me)
  • Rebecca Black – Friday
  • Little Blonde Girl – Chinese Food
  • find the company that produced those videos and realise they have a channel
  • watch all videos on said channel
  • start being sucked into to the black hole that is Tumblr
  • followed by a YouTube black hole
  • make my way to the “weird” side of YouTube
  • get scared and run back to wordpress

(I just want to make a sidenote that as I was in the middle of that list I ended up on Tumblr)

So I am going to try some internet procrastination tips.


“If I complete this post I can watch a YouTube video.”

This technique never works for me because then all I can think about is watching the YouTube video, or the reward. (I don’t know why all my rewards are YouTube videos)

Two Minute Rule

You do any task that takes under two minutes (i.e taking out the garbage) and then any task over that, do it for two minutes (i.e when writing, write for two minutes and you will find yourself writing for longer).

This is 50/50 for me in terms of writing as if I am not in the mood and my two minutes of writing are useless I will stop.

Involve People

This works best for me. ‘Will you read over my paper? I’ll send it to you by 7.’ The genetic trait I have of trying to please everyone means that I won’t want to let anyone down.

Fictional deadlines

This does not work for me at all but does work for others. I am just too aware that I made this deadline and no one other than me is relying on it.

In reality I will forever procrastinate. I will put off things I like and things I don’t. I think my problem comes from people saying ‘you have to do…’ or ‘would you do…’ just because I am a brat, a (minimally and sensitively) rebellious brat at that!

In conclusion, very little will stop me from procrastination except for motivation. If I am honest, I found myself procrastinating reading these internet procrastination tips. Vicious never-ending circle.

Do you have procrastination tips? Are you procrastinator, and if so do you just accept it (or complain about it to the internet like me)?

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